6 Simple Tips for Securing Your RV

Published on 2/3/2022

Your RV is a big investment. As such, you want to do everything you can to protect it from being stolen or broken into.

1.The easiest and cheapest thing to do is to make sure you are always locking up. Even if it’s just a quick stop for gas or food. Don’t just lock the doors, be sure that the windows and any storage compartments are also closed properly and locked. 

2. Most people back into an RV space to make it easier to leave. This can unfortunately, also make it easier to steal. Instead, you can reverse the position you normally park in. This makes it harder for a would-be thief to maneuver it out of the parking space. The hitch shouldn’t be positioned in the standard location. A hitch or steering wheel lock will also offer an additional measure of security to the rig. 

3. Don’t store anything valuable in the storage compartments. That is one of the first places someone will try to rifle through. Also make sure that any valuables on the inside are out of sight and secured. A portable safe in a discreet place can safely store important items when you’re on the road.

4. Always park in a well lit and populated area when parking at a public location. Malls, campgrounds, tourist attractions, amusement parks, and arena parking lots can be tempting for car thieves. While parking on the outskirts may seem like a good idea to avoid damage and fender benders, it can make your rig a target. Bright lights and witnesses make it less likely someone will break in.

5. An alarm and/or motion sensor lights can also  be a great deterrent. A potential thief is likely to be startled by the noise and lights and take off instead of risking being caught. 

6. Storing your vehicle on a secured storage lot is often a much better option than parking it on a neighborhood street where it can more easily be stolen or broken into. Clearview RV Storage offers a safe, affordable,  storage option for RVs, campers, boats, and equipment on a gated and secured property with 24/7 video surveillance, spotlights,  and on site staff. Call us today at (425) 201-8278 to make a space reservation and keep your investment secured.